Afrojack to Drop 'Gangnam Style' Remix, Debut Album Arrives April

Afrojack to Drop 'Gangnam Style' Remix, Debut Album Arrives April

PSY-Approved Remix Arrives Soon; Afrojack's Album Will Include Chris Brown Song, 'As Your Friend,' 2 Discs

PSY picked one man and one man alone to remix "Gangnam Style"... that man was Afrojack.

"I remixed him two weeks ago and it's getting released next week," said Afrojack backstage at KISS FM's Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles on Monday where he and PSY came face to face for the first time. The "Take Over Control" producer/DJ told Billboard that he was honored that PSY reached out to him with the request, adding that "Gangnam Style" was his personal favorite song of the year. "It's genius!"


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According to Afrojack (real name Nick van de Wall) PSY contacted him and said, "You're going to be the only one to remix "Gangnam Style" to which he responded, "OK. Dope!"

Even after having remixed legends like Snoop Dogg and Madonna, Afrojack says he was still a bit nervous to take on such an iconic tune. "It's a really really really big song!" he exclaimed, adding "but three months ago I remixed Michael Jackson's "Bad" and that worked out so I felt like 'OK. Might as well have "Gangnam Style."

The remix version, according to Afrojack, is "way clubbier." "Mine is like an EDM version," he said, explaining that the remix will have people jumping up and down and imitating their best PSY-worthy moves for a solid "eight minutes."

Afrojack also revealed that he's nearly finished with his highly anticipated debut album. "It's going to get released the first week of April. I'm really excited about that. It's a big part of my heart right now."

The album will include collaborations, such as the new song that he just worked on with Chris Brown -- a track titled "As Your Friend," which he says will be released in February. He also told Billboard that he plans to make it a double album: "One sing-a-long radio club hits crossover crazy stuff but also accessible and one advanced level really hard pumping stuff that you play in the clubs and in the car."