Carnage and Tony Junior, 'Michael Jordan': Exclusive First Listen

Tony Junior, Carnage

Named after the basketball legend, the duo’s first collaboration scores big.

MIchael Jordan’s legacy is untouchable. His six NBA Championship rings are proof of it. They’re drawn in the artwork of Carnage and Tony Junior’s new single named after His Airness. The two DJ/producers were inspired by the man commonly recognized as the greatest basketball player of all time when naming the tune. Listen to the premiere, exclusively here:

“When we were testing out the track, people jumped like crazy on it, so we thought about someone that could jump really high,” Junior explains. “Then Carnage said, ‘Let's call it 'Michael Jordan!’ And the name was born.”

“It's the perfect peak time, game-winner record,” Carnage adds. “[When] you need to win the game, you put M.J. in!”

As an American, Carnage’s memories of Michael are basketball related, while Junior is more keen on the hooper’s performance in the 1996 half-animated classic film “Space Jam.”

The origins of the track can be traced to Tony Junior’s studio, where the Dutch-house DJ drafted the stems before turning them over to Carnage who added the vocal hook and completed the production.

Though he’s known for his work as a trap producer, on “Michael Jordan” Carnage takes his sound to a new musical dimension. Instead of the anemic percussive beat skeletons of trap, Carnage moves the genre forward with a full-throttled approach. If this were the mid-’90s, this tune could easily fit onto a Jock Jams compilation (that is meant as the highest of compliments).

“Michael Jordan” isn’t Carnage’s fist foray beyond trap, but a sound this big could wind up being a slam dunk from the three point line for both producers.  Take that, LeBron.