Norman Doray, 'Filtré' Video: Watch the Funky New Avicii-Supported Clip First Here

Norman Doray

“I fell in love with ‘Filtré’ the first time I heard it,” says LE7ELS label boss Avicii.

Girls in bikinis. Fast cars. Don Johnson in “Miami Vice.” Not only do these vignettes evoke a sense of summer, they also make up the cut-and-paste video for DJ/producer Norman Doray's latest single "Filtré," premiering below:

"The video is actually a giant melting pot of my influences: music, movies, sports," Doray told Billboard. "There is no particular story in it, but just flashes of my inspirations since I was a child."

Released earlier this week on Avicii’s LE7ELS imprint, Doray's track is a groovy summer tune that represents a departure from the French producer's usual big-room style. He has previously released songs on hard-hitting labels like Spinnin', Size, Mixmash Records, and collaborated with artists like NERVO, Eddie Thoneick, and Hard Rock Sofa. But this track, he says, was distinctly personal.

"I tried to do a track for me, that's different from other tracks. I grew up with French Touch, Daft Punk, Cassius; all this music was my soundtrack when I was a teenager."

His label boss approves of the result. “I fell in love with "Filtré" the first time I heard it and I've been a huge fan of Norman’s productions as long as I can remember,” Avicii told Billboard. “So it's an honor to finally have him release a track on mine and [manager] Ash [Pournouri’s] label.”

The video is a montage of vintage clips of luxurious sports cars, old-school video games, and beach scenes — a far departure from most EDM music videos that mainly feature crowd shots or scripted storylines. Jay-Z and Kanye West even make an appearance.

“Nowadays the music is the same everywhere, and that’s not cool,” Doray said. “I’m not against every genre, but we have to try to do different stuff when we can — even if we know that it won’t be No. 1 on Beatport.”