French Horn Rebellion, 'Dancing Out': Exclusive Video Premiere

Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, the brothers known as electro-pop duo French Horn Rebellion, had an epiphany last year during the making of their forthcoming sophomore album: for a band that named themselves after an iconic instrument, why were there no visuals featuring French horns?

The group's debut album "The Infinite Music Of The French Horn Rebellion" and accompanying videos for singles "Up All Night" and "This Moment" put the brothers front and center, with the French horn taking a backseat. But in the new music video for latest single "Dancing Out" (featuring Jody Watley and Young Empires), as Billboard exclusively premieres, the French horn plays a heroic role in uniting the dance-feverish couple - stand-ins for vocalists Robert Perlick-Molinari and Watley, respectively.

"After our first album, our visuals were mostly cosmic things and space and we were really searching to figure out what we were doing and why," Robert says. "But we realized as were making new music that we shouldn't hide the geeky nature of ourselves. We should be proud of it. That's where the lyrics come in - 'The trumpets, they said, were too loud,' 'We're the right kids with the wrong sound.' It's kind of about ourselves and our journey from being classical instrumentalists to dance music makers."

Adds David, "We were in band and choir growing up, we love the study of music. That' show we tell people who we are. We realize we're band geeks gone wild."

"Dancing Out" is available June 25 on all digital retailers and today via SoundCloud and Spotify. It also marks French Horn Rebellion's second collaboration this year with Watley, who scored hits in the late 80s and early 90s with "Don't You Want Me," "Real Love," "Some Kind Of Lover" and "Looking For A New Love." The Perlick-Molinari brothers classify "Dancing Out" and their other Watley collab "Cold Enough" as Next Jack Swing, to signify the next era of Watley's pop career. The artists were first paired in 2012 through an introduction by former Billboard reporter Michael Paoletta, now a music supervisor for Comma Music. "It's a combination of the new jack swing Jody used to do and 50s and 60s pop. Ther'e s alot of rebel leather jacket influence, some Marlon Brando," Robert says.

After a series of recent singles with Viceroy, JD Samson of MEN and Le Tigre, French Horn Rebellion will release additional collaboration with fellow indie-poppers Ghost Beach, St. Lucia and Haerts later this year. Those singles will then be compiled for an album that will released some time in early 2014.

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