Phonat, 'Identity Theft': First Listen

Chris Davidson

Twerky noir via Skrillex’s OWSLA label.

OWSLA keeps to the policy of “doing things the weird way,” according to its founder Skrillex, with the release of Phonat’s “Identity Theft” EP, dropping tomorrow. While its six tracks have the dystopian hum that unifies so much of the work of Sonny Moore and his extended crew, Phonat (aka Italian producer Michele Balduzzi) also favors gauzy synth melodies and staccato found-sounds like snaps and bubbles, all at a positively funky BPM.

The title track, premiering below, ambles through a strummy refrain with plenty of space and breath, before settling into a bit of twerky noir. Is it Purity Ring by way of French house, or Italo-pop by way of Skrillex? Does it matter? It pops.