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Crookers Premiere 'Summerclub Mix': Listen Here


With the departure of one of its founding members, the Italian DJ duo known as Crookers are technically now just a Crooker--Phra Barbaglia to be exact. Phra is celebrating his first solo summer with a series of mini mixes that highlight a quick and dirty hit list of new tunes. At 30 minutes, 'Summerclub Mix' is ideal for the short attention spans of both listener and DJ.

“I used to do it years ago,” Phra says of the short mix. “I really wanted to make a monthly series with the most amazing club stuff around to shake the booty to. Then after the third one I stopped because I got too busy reading 'Lord of the Rings.' I hope this time it will be a longer series, but I just bought all the 'Game of Thrones books."

Reading and DJing should never be mutually exclusive. But we understand.

Crookers plays Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and London. His new EP, the provocatively titled "Ghetto Guetta / Heavy" is due out on OWSLA this summer.