Yuksek feat. Oh Land, 'Last Of Our Kinds' (Yuksek Club Mix): Exclusive Download

Mamzelle & Maviou

The French producer launches new label Partyfine with a fine EP for a party.

Did you know that there are dance music producers from France who don’t wear robot helmets or cut party tracks with Akon? For real. Yuksek is one of them.

The artist born Pierre-Alexandre Busson has been releasing choice cuts in the unfortunately tagged “indie dance” style (code for "song-focused work," usually with instrument sounds, and a disco jangle) since the mid-2000s, for such venerable imprints like Kitsune and Rise. Now he’s striking out on his own with new label Partyfine. Its debut EP, helpfully titled “Partyfine EP #1,” caught our ears immediately, thanks to “Last of Our Kinds,” a collaboration with great Dane Oh Land. Download Yuksek’s own remix of that track below. Check out the percussive and very pop-friendly original, too.

“I thought about [launching a label] for years but never had time to focus exclusively on it,” says Yuksek. “The idea of a label is to build with and around the studio, using it as a place to share ideas between artists, to experiment; a place where I can help new artists to go to the end of their creative process.” The Partyfine brand will also include club nights and small tours, he says.

“Last Of Our Kinds” treads familiar thematic territory for the always mythological Oh Land (born Nanna Øland Fabricius, who released a very lovable debut album on Epic in 2011), imagining a lover as some kind of monster, complete with “teeth like a walrus.” “It’s the simple story of beauty and the beast,” says Yuksek. “Loving someone when everybody things and tells you it’s the wrong person.”

Yuksek’s mix of his own original (a process he says was both easier and harder than remixing someone else’s work) was intended for the dance floor. “I didn't use a lot of vocal, I didn't use a musical phrase on its own,” he says. “The main focus was making something that would appeal at dark, underground club nights. I tested it out many times and it worked”

The EP also contains a very groovy cut featuring Kitsuné favorite Juveniles, which would actually make a fine companion to those French robots’ new work.

"Partyfine EP #1" is out now on iTunes.