Tiesto, 'Take Me': Exclusive Song Premiere

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Tiësto's "Take Me," the lead single from his upcoming "Club Life" compilation ain't no robot disco jam. Hear it here first.

"I heard 'Get Lucky'; it's just not my taste," says DJ/producer Tiësto. "It's great what Daft Punk does and the sound quality is great, but that whole disco vibe is not really my thing." "Take Me," the first single from his latest "Club Life" compilation ("Club Life Volume 3: Stockholm," due June 18 digital and June 25 physical), is melodic, but definitely no chilled-out '70s jam. "It's a combination of the old and the new Tiësto," the artist says of the track, which drops tomorrow (May 14) on his own Musical Freedom - but you can hear it exclusively on Billboard.com today.

"It's housey but has this trance-y vocal in it, and the melody is great," Tiësto says of "Take Me." "It's definitely the perfect definition of what I stand for at the moment — from the past until now."

And now is markedly different from even a year ago for the ever-popular star. Tiësto, born Tijs Verwest, recently bought a home in New York; just began a residency at the brand new Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas, replacing for the first time in his career his regular shows in Ibiza; and is getting to know his brand-new management company Red Light, home to mega-stars like Dave Matthews Band and Phish. That relationship, he says, is "going great. If I can quote one of the artists who's also there, 'They make other management companies look like amateurs.'"

The new "Club Life"could also be viewed as a combination of old and new. "[The compilation] is like how I used to play before I became this huge trance DJ," says Tiësto. "A lot of vocals, a lot of different variety of tracks, but all still very uplifting." It features remixes of recent hits, like Calvin Harris's "Sweet Nothing" and Zedd's "Clarity," plus a new mix of his own 2009 track with Harris, "Century."

"I worked with [Calvin] before he made all those mega-hits," Tiësto says. "I'm kind of proud of that." He says he's also particularly fond of his "very old-school" remix of Icona Pop's runaway hit "I Love It," which "sounds very different from the original but keeps the vocals intact."

Tiësto is also hard at work at his upcoming artist album, which he says will contain "more artistic songs which not necessarily only fit on the dance floor, but are also fit to play at home or chill out to. I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm looking for something different than just a 'DJ album.'"

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