CODER Picks of the Week: Chocolate Puma, Nicole Moudaber and More

Chocolate Puma

Each Friday, the CODE crew reviews their favorite dance tracks of the week. Listen to the cuts below, and see what Kerri, Zel, Lauren, and Jacob have to say.

Chocolate Puma – “2000 People” (Mixmash)

I think the sleeve art got me here: A gaggle of cartoon monsters that look straight out of an anime Superjail. Plus the title’s implied description of them as “people.” Then there’s the music--by the nine-lived Chocolate Puma--which sounds like a garish, electro-fied carnival of the animals by way of Danny Elfman. Make way. –Kerri

Nicole Moudaber – "Come and Lay" (Drumcode)

Yes, Nicole Moudaber may be one of a handful of female artists in the underground electronic scene; and yes, her wild curls may help her take a killer press shot. But none of that matters once you lose yourself in the deep groove of the Nigerian-Lebanese producer's debut LP, "Believe." Moudaber’s sensual yet stomping tracks that have garnered support from Carl Cox, Victor Calderone and Drumcode label boss Adam Beyer. "Come and Lay" pairs an industrial techno beat with a driving bassline and Moudaber's own sultry vocals. Clocking in at 12 minutes long, "Come and Lay" is an engrossing techno trek well worth taking. -Lauren

Baggi Begovic feat. Tab – Compromise (Musical Freedom)

The latest release on Tiësto's Musical Freedom label comes from Baggi Begovic, a Dutch producer who has been making music out of his home in Rotterdam since the mid 2000s. "Compromise" is a big-room production that is actually so much more. It has the big anthemic synths, background percussion elements, and perfectly timed drops, but it's also gentle and soothing like a New Age lullaby. Vocals provided by Tab serve as the glue to hold the production together, culminating in a track that is upbeat and fist-pump-friendly, but also oddly emotional and gentle. Featured on Tiësto's upcoming "Club Life Volume 3: Stockholm" release, expect to hear this track a lot this summer--whether you like it or not. -Jacob

Hot Natured feat. Anabel Englund – “Reverse Skydiving” (Benoit & Sergio remix) (Warner Music UK/FFRR)

It sounds like Benoit & Sergio are no longer doing "K all day." Well, who knows, but this rework of “Reverse Skydiving” flies too high to have come from a heavily sedated place. Hot Natured’s original was deep, sly and sexy, and other remixes have maintained that dark-sky mystery. But the bouncy reverbed synths and playful, sunny vocals on this edition are a breath of fresh air. Hot Natured and Benoit & Sergio each have a depth to their work that often gets overlooked, if not lost, through style. Here, both duos’ ranges are on display, no parachute needed. -Zel

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