Nightlands, 'You’re My Baby' (Luxury Liners mix): Exclusive Listen

Shawn Brackbill

Luxury Liners

It's dreamy psychedelia from a laptop wizard.

Early in April, recording engineer Carter Tanton unveiled the results of his first attempt to compose an entire album on a laptop: “They're Flowers,” his debut record under the moniker Luxury Liners (released on taste-making indie Western Vinyl, home to Dirty Projectors). But it seems that Tanton's fascination with production has only just begun, as he's moved on to remixing tunes from other artists. In this case, his friend Dave Hartley’s side project Nightlands (he’s also the bassist for The War On Drugs).

The Luxury Liners remix of "You're My Baby," a track from Nightlands' sophomore album “Oak Island,” gives shape to the original's shifting psychedelic murk by anchoring it to a soft-hitting, deconstructed hip-hop swagger. A mystical energy bubbles up from glugging low end, pattering drums, and sighing vocal samples layered like haze over the top.

Check it out on CODE exclusively below: