Semi Precious Weapons, 'Aviation High (Chuckie Remix)': Video Premiere

Courtesy of Dirty Dutch
Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons get “High” on collaboration with Dutch house DJ Chuckie.

It’s a little surprising that Semi Precious Weapons hasn’t collaborated with a Dutch house DJ like Chuckie before. The LA-based band gets a wallop of a remix from the “Dirty Dutch” party ringleader in this complete rework of their track “Aviation High,” the first single from their forthcoming third album. Directed by the band’s guitarist, Stevy Pyne, the video shows SPW frontman Justin Tranter in an atypically restrained role while a cast of characters leads a rollicking riot from the back of a truck to a backyard.

Make no mistake: this “High” is designed to fly you straight to peak hour at a Vegas megaclub or the middle of the field at a summer festival. This could be a crossover track for the band as much as it could be a summer anthem for Chuckie. As a remixer, Chuckie holds nothing back and from everything Semi Precious Weapons has shown us before, that’s just how they want it.