Kaskade Reveals 'It's You, It's Me' 10-Year Anniversary Tour

Kaskade took over the Main Stage as the headliner on weekend one of Ultra Music Festival. He took fans by surprise when debuting his new single, "Atmosphere," during a memorable live experience.

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"'Atmosphere' is the first single on my next album which is all coming together now," Kaskade told CODE editor, Kerri Mason. "Ultra is one of the biggest stages in the world, and I thought this is the perfect place to debut new music. The reaction so far has been amazing... I wanted to [use my voice] because when I wrote the track it was something very personal."

Before touching on "Atmosphere," Kaskade, who recently sold out Los Angeles' Staples Center, revealed that he plans to embark on a small venue tour in April. He'll be returning to the nightclubs that he played on his rise to stardom.

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The short route marks the 10-year anniversary of his debut artist album, "It's You, It's Me," on San Francisco indie Om. "This month, March, marks 10-years since 'It's You, It's Me' came out, which is my first album," Kaskade said. "So I thought in April, it would be cool to go out and play some of the original rooms that I used to play 10, 12 years ago. [I'll] do a tour [in] a select few cities and play some of these smaller rooms, play more intimate, a more deeper set for people who used to come out ages ago."

Kaskade plans to announce tour dates "next week" but keep information on the venues underwraps till closer to the kick-off date.