CODER Crew's Picks of the Week: Gorgon City, Blood Diamonds and More

Courtesy of Black Butter
Gorgon City

Each Friday, the CODE crew will review their favorite dance tracks of the week. Listen to the cuts below, and see what Kerri, Zel, Jacob and Elissa have to say.

Blood Diamonds featuring Dominic Lord, “Barcode” (OWSLA)

It takes a special skill to name-check AK-47s and Princess Diana on the same track. That’s the task New York rapper Dominic Lord takes on in this cut, which got a proper release this week with a slate of remixes that range from grime (DJ Q) to super-bassy (Figure) to trip-hop (Clicks & Whistles). These re-rubs find space in the original amid the sonic breadth of bass drops, piano chords, gunshot sounds, and a gorgeous lilting chorus. The lyrics might not be mining any new ideas, but the melded genres still yield a shiny gem in this tune. -Zel

BLM, “Sudden Death” EP (Secretsundaze)

London-based traveling party and record label Secretsundaze unleashed its first release of 2013 this week, a three-track EP by British producer BLM (a.k.a. Ben Micklewright). Each cut on the EP revels in a sparkling kind of synth-made beauty, that would feel delicate if not for the support of sturdy kick drums and crisp snares. -Elissa

Last week's CODER Crew Picks

Gorgon City feat. Yasmin, “Real” (Black Butter)

“Real” is a new take on a very particular kind of ‘90s house track in the Julie McKnight, Kinane, and Veronica vein: an unadorned R&B vocal delivered with sensuous restraint, and barely enough kick drum to work on the dancefloor. In short, it's a glorious nugget for a mid-set energy shift or generally easier listening. But the rest of this essential four-track EP shows that the Gorgon guys -- U.K. producers Foamo and RackNRuin, who have both dabbled in just about everything, including dubstep -- know exactly what they’re referencing: percussive house with a progressive feel, from a time when that combination was fresh. -Kerri

Andain, “Promises” (Marco V Remix) (Black Hole)

"Promises" (from beloved Gabriel & Dresden side project Andain) is one of those club songs that everyone just seems to already know the words to. I had never heard Marco V's remix until earlier this week. Included on the new "Marquee Volume 1" compilation after seeing initial release about a year ago, the expert use of dark percussion elements contrasted with an airy sensual vocal helps turn this into a banger equally playable at five in the afternoon and five in the morning. The anthemic build is hypnotic and unrelenting, but the vocals kick in at just the right moment to prevent it from becoming too overbearing. This is one of my personal highlights from Marquee's first compilation and it's definitely a new song to be added to my trusted -- and selective -- "Late Night Anthems" playlist. -Jacob