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CODER Crew's Picks of the Week: Little Freaky Things, Iggy Azalea and More

Courtesy of 11 Heads Records
Little Freaky Things

Each Friday, the CODE crew will review their favorite dance tracks of the week. Listen to the cuts below, and see what Kerri, Zel, Jacob, Lauren and Elissa have to say. Today CODE premieres an exclusive stream from Little Freaky Things.

Little Freaky Things, “Nightfall” (Donovan's Remix) (11Heads Records)

Parisian duo Little Freaky Things delivers a proper house tune that looks forward while respecting the roots of its culture. On this remix from their forthcoming debut EP, LFT's own Donovans bring pulses ready to have you rinsed and a hypnotic bass line that sneaks up on you. When it drops (and there is a drop), it's so smooth and deep you won't know what just happened. Complementing all these dirty house tricks is an emotional vocal by Maï-Lan Chapiron that should find equal footing in sets by everyone from A-Trak to Annie Mac. The original tune was far more electro and deserves a listen, especially for Chapiron's assuredly diaphanous performance, but it's this pounding re-work that will get the peak-hour spins. Get your little freaky things on! Pre-order their EP here. -Zel

Iggy Azalea, "Work” (Jacob Plant Mix) (Mercury)

Australian bombshell Iggy Azalea proved her EDM chops with her utterly badass verses on Steve Aoki's "Beatdown," but it looks like she's back for more bass. By recruiting Jacob Plant to add a hard-hitting, dubstep-meets-trap (are we saying "trapstep" yet?") backbone to the track, Azalea chose wisely: her rhymes have even more weight when paired with the heavy beat and screeching synths. Now, it's an eminently danceable tune that will have ladies flocking to the dance floor to imitate Azealia's famed ponytail flip. -Lauren

Bones & Money, "Black Diamond” (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (Tuff Wax)
In 2009 and 2010, Chicago producer and Loose Squares label boss Murderbot created a handful of jungle sets as part of a project that involved uploading a new mixtape to his blog every week. His offering for this Bones & Money remix EP translates that extensive knowledge of and love for jungle into beatmaking chops. Murderbot cradles the original's chunky hip-hop sample in a dry, clattering breakbeat and sinkholes of low end that soon burst into a dangerously catchy and energetic bassline. -Elissa

Various Artists, “Springbreakers: Music From The Motion Picture” (Big Beat/Atlantic)

Hitting at just the right cultural moment, soundtracks can capture the zeitgeist in a bottle. “Singles,” “Trainspotting,” even “Spawn” and “Reality Bites” are time capsules now, containing more than just the music.

“Springbreakers” is one such collection, a soundtrack-score combination dotted with Skrillex songs we all know already and love, completely redefined by their usage in the film. Will viewers of this Harmony Korine polemic against amoral consumer culture ever be able to listen to the aggressive smudge-bass of Grammy-winning “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” without thinking of the film’s half-naked, beer-soaked, slow-mo' opening beach sequence? In a way, it captures what the world did with the strange laptop creations a sincere kid named Sonny released into it.

There are also tracks from Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane, showing the shrinking delta between electronic and hip-hop; and great pieces of scoring from Skrillex and Cliff Martinez (Drive, Contagion), all with the half-stoned, all-neon feel of the film. Instant classic. -Kerri