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Laidback Luke, 'Pogo': Exclusive Song Premiere

The hype track arrives just in time for Miami Music Week.

Already crowd-tested, dance veteran Laidback Luke’s “Pogo” arrives in full form (a Dub version was released last month) on his own Mixmash Records, combining a U.K.-grime-influenced vocal from MC Majestic with a hard Dutch house bounce. Listen to it below:

The name “Pogo” is not, like so many EDM track names, entirely random. A mouth harp created the track’s “spring” sound, which inspired Majestic to come up with the pogo concept in the lyrics, including the shout-out instructions to “bounce.” According to Luke, its “simple chants that stick to the mind and can hype a crowd” that make for a successful track.

“For instance, having a lyric like 'We hit turbulence!' has done very well for me,” he explains, referencing “Turbulence,” his massive 2011 tune with Steve Aoki and Lil’ Jon. A Miami Music Week favorite, Luke’s Mixmash Records Pool Party, on Thursday March 21 at The National, is already sold out. But with early support from DJs like Hardwell, A-Trak, Bingo Players and Congorock, “Pogo” surely will be heard throughout the city.