Dirty South's 'Until the End': Exclusive Preview

There’s something wonderfully ‘80s about Dirty South’s guitar sounds, which are uniquely recorded live. In the exclusive preview of “Until the End,” a featured track off the Australia-based DJ/producer’s debut full-length “Speed of Life,” you half expect singer Joe Gil to break into the chorus of When In Rome’s “The Promise,” or New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.”

“This was one of the first tracks that was completed for this album, and it kind of sets the mood for the rest of the tracks with its emotional sound,” says the South (born Dragan Roganovi?). “Joe Gil was a real pleasure to work with and his voice features on another track on the album. Artwork for this track is a piece inspired by the song, and it’s part of a 10-piece art collection that will only be available through iTunes."

With elegantly musical cuts like this, Dirty South is poised to expand his profile from singles producer and touring DJ hot property, to album artist and songwriter.

We get to hear the rest of “Speed of Life” on March 5, when it drops on iTunes via the artist’s Phazing Records.