The M Machine, ‘Ghosts In The Machine’: Exclusive Song Premiere

The M Machine

The OWSLA crew teleports listeners into the '80s with their new track.

It’s more than the Police-referencing title of The M Machine’s new track that hints at some ‘80s nostalgia. From the synth-heavy hook to the Kate Bush, Siouxsee-esque vocals, this track from the OWSLA electro brooders' forthcoming EP "Metropolis Pt. II" is ripe for the Reagan-era revivalists.

But just past the halfway mark, we’re brought through a trance-porter and land somewhere between Robert Miles and Kelly Osborne’s "Sleeping In The Nothing." This is a good thing! You won’t kick “Ghosts In The Machine” out of your head easily, especially not before you confuse its chorus with Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing.” Listen to it exclusively on Billboard below:

"Metropolis Pt. II" drops February 19. Here's a link to pre-order the album.