Skrillex Has 'Too Many Songs' to Know What to Do With

March 16: Skrillex performs at 1100 Warehouse.

DJ/Producer to unleash wave of new music in 2013: "I'm more excited than ever to make music again"

After an estimated 300 gigs and living in hotels during the past two years, Skrillex has new digs and is planning to "be taking a lot of time off in the next year" in order to dig into making some new music.


"I have so much music. I have too many songs to even know what to do with," Skrillex, who planned to move into a new home in Los Angeles, complete with studio space, early this year tells Billboard. "I just always make music anyway... But I want to make a record. I just haven't had enough time to really sit down and idle myself and clear my mind and go, 'OK, what's the next thing I want to say? How's it different from what I said before?' and think of all these things. I have so much inside me, so many ideas, I'm more excited than ever to make music again, 'cause I haven't done that for, like, two years."


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Skrillex -- who won three Grammy Awards in 2012 and is nominated for three more this year -- predicts that he'll "be releasing some singles in the early year" but isn't sure yet if he'll also put together another EP ala 2010's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" and 2011's "Bangarang" or make his first full-length album.


"'Bangarang,' 70 percent of that was made on the road, so this will be the first time since 'Scary Monsters' where I'll be able to sit down in a studio environment to make something," he explains. "It could be the best three songs I've ever made. It could be the best 20 songs I've ever made. I don't know what it's gonna be yet."


Some of that music might be released via The Nest, a service he's just launched through his OWSLA label that, for $12 per month, will give subscribers early access to new material and event tickets, VIP opportunities and discounts on merchandise.


"It's just a new step in the right direction," Skrillex explains. "You get so much music and it bypasses the distributor, so it's literally the record label or the musician going straight to the fan. And it's all content; if I want to put out photo albums, videos, whatever, it just gets straight to the fans without any red tape or bullshit like that. It's amazing."


Skrillex has a few other things on his plate, too. He says some remixes and collaborations are coming, but he's keeping those "on the hush-hush. I like just having those come out. No one anticipates anything and it's really cool when it just arrives, y'know?" And after working on Disney's animated "Wreck-It Ralph" and Harmony Korine's "Spring Breakers" (which opens March 8), Skrillex is hoping to delve deeper into film music.


"That's cool because it's a lot more collaborative," he says. "It's nice stepping into someone else's world for a minute and basically have that trust in different artists where you can combine worlds. There's already a plot, there's already a theme... and you just learn so much from doing things that way. It's just a different process, and it's really fun and I really like being part of it, so hopefully I'll be doing more stuff like that."


He's also anxious to produce more with Dog Blood, his collaboration with German DJ Boys Noize that's so far produced a pair of tracks, "Next Order" and "Middle Finger."


"We have a lot more music, man," Skrillex promises. "The cool thing about Dog Blood is it's another outlet where you can step back for a second and just let someone else take over and see what they do and then react to it, and you always come out with great things, some real next-level shit. It's so much fun, so we're going to continue to release stuff and just play when we feel like playing."