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Pandora Predictions to Know: Flora Cash, Social House, Ava Max & Summer Walker

Flora Cash
Jared Thomas Kocka

Flora Cash

Here are the latest predictions for future success on the Billboard charts from Pandora and Next Big Sound.

So far in 2018, we’ve seen breakout acts like Ella Mai, Queen Naija and Yella Beezy, all of whom currently have songs on the Billboard Hot 100. But there’s something else they have in common: They all have appeared on one of two charts by Pandora-owned data analytics company Next Big Sound that aim to predict the artists most likely to break.

The Pandora Trendsetters chart captures the up-and-coming acts that are seeing the highest number of station adds on Pandora. The Pandora Predictions chart – published on Billboard as the Next Big Sound Chart – uses artists’ growth on social media and streaming to predict the 20 artists who are most likely to make their debut on the Billboard 200 chart within the next year.

In addition to Ella Mai, Queen Naija and Yella Beezy, past charters also include Dua Lipa, Khalid and Stefflon Don. That’s all to say that if an artist is on one of these charts, there’s a good likelihood people will be talking about them soon.

Below, meet the new faces to the Next Big Sound charts. Charts update every Friday in Next Big Sound and every Tuesday on Billboard.

Flora Cash

Flora Cash, the husband-wife dream-pop duo composed of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall, debuted on the Predictions chart in late August and have been holding on to the No. 4 spot ever since. The pair has been on the upswing since releasing its latest single “You’re Somebody Else,” which it recently performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden (Aug. 9) in its American television debut.

This month compared to last month, Flora Cash saw a 94 percent increase in Pandora streams –including both on-demand premium plays and radio spins – plus an 85 percent bump in artist station adds and a 47 percent boost in track station adds.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the duo saw a 50 percent month-on-month increase in Twitter followers. 

“Else” has found success on a pair of spins-based Billboard airplay charts, most recently rising 19-16 on the Adult Alternative Songs airplay chart and falling 22-23 (though with a gain in spins) on the Alternative Songs airplay chart dated Sept. 15.

Social House

Chances are you’ve heard Social House before -- you just might not have realized it. The duo, composed of Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie” Anderson, produced songs for artists including Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez before releasing its debut single, “Magic in the Hamptons,” this summer. 

And so far, it’s a hit. “Magic in the Hamptons,” which features Lil Yachty, has seen over 3.2 million streams and around 58,000 Thumbs Up (akin to favorites or likes) in the past month on Pandora.

The song’s success, combined with an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards (Aug. 20) during which, alongside Karlie Kloss, they introduced Grande's performance, has paved the way for Social House’s debut on the Predictions chart dated Sept. 7 at No. 18. This month compared to last month, it more than doubled its rate of new artist station adds on Pandora, and its track station adds are outpacing its artist station adds, meaning its next single could be the make-or-break moment.

“Hamptons” has yet to make a Billboard chart, but the song is currently bubbling under the Pop Songs airplay chart threshold.

Ava Max

Things are changing quickly for rising pop singer Ava Ma, who was first introduced on Le Youth’s 2017 track “Clap Your Hands.” Her recent single, “Sweet But Psycho,” is heating up fast, and she was recently listed as one of the features on David Guetta’s upcoming album 7, alongside more recognizable names like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Lil Uzi Vert.

This month compared to last month, she has seen a 2,200 percent increase in streams and a 125 percent increase in artist station adds on Pandora, while she’s grown her fanbase on Twitter and Facebook 1,200 percent and 2,500 percent, respectively.

Ava Max makes her debut on the Predictions chart dated Sept. 7 at No. 13.

Summer Walker

If April’s “CPR” was a breakout single for R&B singer Summer Walker, “Girls Need Love” is the song that could hurl the Atlanta native into the mainstream. After the single’s release in late July, Walker’s fanbase grew exponentially on both streaming and social media. She upped her rate of Pandora artist station adds from 700 to over 1,700. She also added 4,500 new followers on Twitter, compared with 800 new followers the month before.

All the commotion has paved the way for Walker’s debut this week at No. 12 on the Predictions chart dated Sept. 7. If her momentum keeps up, she’ll likely be on the Trendsetters chart soon.