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Billboard Japan Hot 100 Adds YouTube Views & Lyric Data to Chart Formula

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Japan’s only combined song chart to expand its data sources and launch chart analytics service.

Billboard JAPAN has re-vamped its Hot 100 chart to include YouTube plays and streaming counts based on lyrics displayed on PetitLyrics, effective on June 3.

Launched in 2008, the Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 currently combines multiple data sets including predicted nationwide physical sales from nearly 4,000 music and e-commerce retailers tracked by SoundScan Japan; digital download sales from Nielsen Music; airplay from over 30 major AM/FM stations monitored by Plantech; volume of desktop look-ups on PCs tracked by Gracenote Media; and Twitter mentions of artist names and song titles provided by NTT data.

In order to reflect the ever-changing music landscape and the different ways consumers interact with music, the Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 will now include YouTube views aggregated by Nielsen Music. The data will include both official artist videos as well as user-generated clips that include original song audio. Also being added to the chart’s methodology are streaming counts, predicted by lyrics displayed on PetitLyrics, a service run by SyncPower providing real-time scrolling lyrics.

Concurrently, Billboard JAPAN’s sales-based albums chart, Billboard JAPAN Hot Albums, will expand beyond physical albums to include two new factors; digital download sales and Gracenote album look-up counts. The resulting ranking will make Billboard JAPAN Hot Albums the first-ever combined albums chart in Japan.

Silvio Pietroluongo, Chart Director of Billboard has said of the new development, “The inclusion of YouTube videos plays and lyric counts from PetitLyrics is another step in the evolution of the Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 as it continues to represent the ways in which people interact with music in today’s society. In addition, the expansion of the Billboard JAPAN Top Albums chart to incorporate digital download sales and Gracenote lookup data will provide a more precise view of album popularity, beyond traditional physical album sales.”

To demonstrate the relationship between the various data sets, Billboard JAPAN will also launch a freemium chart analytics service called “CHART insight” which displays and analyzes the growth of tracks and albums during their chart runs. The demo service has already drawn the attention of 250,000 users during its launch in December 2014. The desktop version will launch on June 3 and the mobile version is expected to launch late June.

“Working closely with Billboard since 2008, the Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 chart continues to grow as a combined song chart, currently combining seven data sets, the latest addition being YouTube,” says Seiji Isozaki, Marketing Manager of Billboard JAPAN. “The combined chart is still a new concept in Japan compared to a pure sales based chart, but over the years, the Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 chart has garnered recognition from both music fans and industry insiders as a highly relatable popular song chart. In addition, the launch of our one of a kind chart analytics service "CHART insight" will enable users to see interactions made between multiple data sets. With these new developments, we hope that Billboard JAPAN will serve as a gateway for in international music fans to experience the increasingly diversified Japanese music scene.”