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"If You're Gone"

While this ballad was the band's third Adult Pop Songs No. 1, it served as the group's breakthrough hit at Adult Contemporary, crossing over to a two-week stay at the summit after only "3 AM" had dented the latter chart (No. 25) in 1998.
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"Love Song"

Bareilles continued the tradition of artists ribbing their record labels for micromanaging their creativity. (All sides won, however, when this song spent nine weeks at No. 1). A decade earlier, fellow female singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb had similarly mined the subject for her biggest Adult Pop Songs hit, "I Do" (No. 3).
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"Bright Lights"

Thomas cites the song as "one that I think we, as a band, were all particularly proud of. I go through different phases. But (that) one" - with its intimate imagery of leaving home and pursuing one's dream - "always sticks out."
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The early '00s brought a wave of young female artists to the format, including Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton. Lavigne stood out for her pop/punk-leanings and tie-accented fashion sense, as well as a songwriting talent ranging from the carefree "Sk8er Boi" to the tender "I'm With You." The now-26-year-old returns to the Billboard 200 this week with her fourth studio set, "Goodbye Lullaby."
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Caillat earns the honor of highest placement on the countdown for a female artist. Her debut entry ruled for 13 weeks, marking the first of her five top 10s to date. Her latest, "I Do," steps 22-21 on this week's survey.
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"You Found Me"

The Fray sports its first entry on the ranking, its 12-week No. 1 from 2009. With two more songs ahead, the Denver-based band is the only act with three titles in the top 25.
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"One Thing"

It's unlikely that adult pop programmers would've been keen to play this song had the band kept its original name: Rainbow Butt Monkeys. After 15 years together, Finger Eleven broke through with this No. 2 hit. The No. 3 "Paralyzer" followed in 2008.
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"This Love"

After arriving with the crunchy "Harder to Breather" (No. 15), the band roared to a 13-week reign with this follow-up, showcasing its more signature soulful pop/rock. Parent album "Songs About Jane" has sold 4.9 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
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The Irish trio (which gregariously crashed a Billboard charts department meeting on an early U.S. visit) likewise peaked at No. 15 on its first try, with "The Man Who Can't Be Moved." Also like Maroon 5, the Script followed with its first No. 1; "Breakeven" spent seven weeks on top beginning last May. The act's "For the First Time" bullets at No. 7 this week.
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"She Will Be Loved"

After "This Love," Maroon 5 has reeled off eight more top 10s, including this 13-week leader and the four-week No. 1 "Misery" last year. Current single "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" could extend the streak; it rises 19-18 on this week's chart.
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Not to be confused with Rob Thomas' "Someday," which topped the Feb. 6, 2010, chart. Nickelback's like-titled ballad ruled the March 20, 2004, list.
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Beginning with this nostalgic track, which spent 18 weeks at the summit, marking the group's longest command, Nickelback has yet to miss the top 10. The No. 4 party anthem "This Afternoon" extended the band's active streak to nine top 10s last year.
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The highest-ranking song by the act with the most top 10s in the chart's history - 14. Add an honorary 15th top 10 by including lead singer John Rzeznik's solo No. 10 hit "I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)," from Disney's animated sci-fi film "Treasure Planet," in 2002.
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"Everything You Want"

Formed at Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown University but central Massachusetts-based beginning in 1992, the band was honored when Worcester, Mass., Adult Pop Songs reporter WXLO (104.5) declared "Vertical Horizon Day" in 2000. In recent years, lead singer Matt Scannell has toured as a duo with '80s/'90s vet Richard Marx.
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"The Reason"

Conservative adult pop DJs felt funny saying "Hoobastank" when this song first appeared on their program logs. (At least it wasn't Rainbow Butt Monkeys). The song's appeal was undeniable, however, and this power ballad from the California rock band topped the chart for 10 weeks.
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"All for You"

Like Molly Hatchet (no Molly), Jethro Tull (no Jethro) or Johnny Hates Jazz (no Johnny. Or, jazz, for that matter), there's no Hazel in this still-actively recording and touring group. Sister Hazel Williams once ran a rescue mission in the band's Gainesville, Fla., hometown. "In (the) spirit of unconditional concern for all beings," the band co-opted her name, as it explained in the artwork of its 1997 album "Somewhere More Familiar."
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"Here Without You"

The band established itself at the format with the uptempo "Kryptonite" (No. 4, 2000) and added the guitar buzz of "Be Like That" (No. 5, 2001) and "When I'm Gone" (No. 3, 2003). By slowing things down for this love song, 3 Doors Down topped the chart, for 13 weeks, for the first time. It scored its second No. 1, "It's Not My Time," in 2008.
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"Waiting on the World to Change"

Mayer holds the mark for most cumulative weeks spent on the chart for a solo male, 367. Oddly enough, Sheryl Crow has totaled the exact same sum to own the record among women. Matchbox Twenty claims the most total chart weeks (536) among all acts.
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"I'm Yours"

Mraz enjoyed a No. 4 peak with debut single "The Remedy" in 2003 but fell shy of the top 10 with four subsequent releases through 2005. He returned with his "happy little hippy song," as he described it in 2009 when it became the longest-charting hit (76 weeks) in the Billboard Hot 100's history. It adds the honor on this countdown of top-ranking hit by a lead solo artist. From Nos. 11 to 1, bands boast lead billing on each title.
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"Over My Head (Cable Car)"

Six months before it peaked at No. 2 on Adult Pop Songs in a 53-week chart run, Billboard correctly predicted its success. "A timeless pop-rock smash that soars with lightness and ease," praised the magazine's review.
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