Postcard From Paris: Karmina Checks In From Europe

Postcard From Paris: Karmina Checks In From Europe

Last month, Billboard welcomed Karmina - sisters Kelly (above right) and Kamille Rudisill - to our New York headquarters before the independent pop duo embarked on a unique tour: performing at Apple Stores across Europe.

"We did a show at the 3rd Street Promenade Apple Store in Santa Monica, Calif. The event coordinator really liked it and talked to some friends at Apple," recalled Kamille.

Karmina: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themsleves (With Apple's Help)

"We (then) got a call asking if we'd like to do a tour across Europe of Apple Stores in five countries. Of course, we said yes.

"At first, it seemed too good to be true. Each time we had another call with (Apple), we'd think, 'this is actually happening?' "

Promoting its new album, "Car Train Ship Plane," Karmina played to audiences in London (June 11); Glasgow, Scotland (16); Munich, Germany (25); Zurich, Switzerland (30); and Paris (July 7), performances that provided the pair an invaluable chance to expand its fanbase on an international scale.

How did it all go?

Kelly and Kamille proudly put their stamp of approval on the journey, sending an audio and video postcard for those not able to accompany them overseas.

Let's open the mail and see (and hear).

Hello from the road!

Our European Apple Store Tour has been nothing short of an artist's dream come true. This partnership has acted as its own currency across different countries. The audiences at the Apple shows have included local listeners and international visitors, and everyone has a camera in hand. Priceless exposure.

So far, we've sipped the Queen's tea, kissed the Blarney Stone, eaten Swiss chocolate, counted real sheep while falling asleep in Germany and played our single, "Go to Paris," at the Louvre.

Touring tips! We've eaten enough almonds to feed a small army. It's the best and healthiest snack ever. We drink a horrible-tasting green vitamin drink every morning - hardly short of torture, but worth it so we don't get sick!

Also, you can get by with just a smile on your face, no matter if you speak the local language. (Lastly, learn your wattage conversions before you power-up expensive instruments).

This has truly been a journey of cars, trains, ships and planes.

Despite the language barriers and cultural differences, music bridges all gaps.

With love,

Kelly & Kamille



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