Debbie Gibson Charts Her Five Favorite Songs

The singer gets lost in her numerous hits and ranks her five favorites, from No. 5 to No. 1

At Billboard, we like to think we know a little bit (and hopefully a lot more) about how to create a songs chart.

But, artists themselves have a unique insight into which songs of theirs deserve the highest praise. With that in mind, Chart Beat's series of artists making their own charts continues. We recently asked Goo Goo Dolls, Barenaked Ladies and Go-Go's diva Belinda Carlisle to rank their favorite songs that they've recorded.

Check out the exclusive video above, as Debbie Gibson counts down her five favorite songs from her catalog. A clue: her personal No. 1 topped the Billboard Hot 100 exactly 25 years ago today (June 25, 1988), making her the youngest artist to write, produce and perform a Hot 100 No. 1. (She graduated high school the next day.)

And, here's what she says about the top song on the list: "I find that people have kept (it) with them. I think it's because the lyrics are simple, but you can fill in the blanks with your adult experience. I know that I can as a singer now. When I was writing it, I was guessing what love would be like ... and then also guessing what it would be like to lose love. Now that I've been through all that, I can sing the very simple lyrics and really fill it."

What's her favorite song that she's recorded? View the video above to find out.

And now, on with the countdown ...