Tori Kelly Sings P!nk and Paramore: Candid Covers Video Series

Kate Glicksberg
Tory Kelly performs a Candid Covers Session at The General in New York City, December 10, 2013

This installment of Billboard's "Candid Covers," presented by Nikon, captures Kelly performing P!nk's "Glitter In The Air."

PHOTOS: Tori Kelly's Candid Covers Concert

Our cameras captured video and photos of Tori Kelly during this special moment in her career as she performed a Billboard Candid Covers concert. During the intimate NYC club show, Kelly honored Billboard's Woman of The Year P!nk by covering P!nk's hit "Glitter In The Air." Kelly also performed Paramore's "The Only Exception," plus two of her own originals, "Dear No One" and "Paper Hearts."

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21-year-old Kelly may have jump-started her career as a talented contestant on the likes of "American Idol" and garnered tons of listeners via her popular YouTube postings, but 2013 has been the young singer/songwriter's true landmark year. With Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun also now her manager, 2013 found Kelly's EP "Foreword" in the top 20 of the Billboard 200 and a slot opening for Ed Sheeran at New York's iconic Madison Square Garden this fall. 

"I found out that PInk was being honored as Woman of the Year, I had to do a Pink song," Kelly shares of her excitement around covering "Glitter In The Air" for our Candid Covers club show this month. "I think it's one of my top favorite songs," she says. It's beautifully sung and it shows kind of a softer side of her too, which I like."

Kelly may have had a huge year, but as evidenced by the day of her Candid Covers concert, the singer/guitarist often takes time out to treat her fans as VIPs. That afternoon, she sat down with several fans for "T Time" -- a nice cuppa and conversation, which you can see among the photos in the video capturing her "Glitter In The Air" performance at the top of the page.

Making music, she says proudly, has always been how she wanted to spend her life. "I remember being in kindergarten and the teacher goes around, 'what do you want to be when you grow up,'" she remembers. "I would always say singer. I feel like I never had a plan b. I always just knew I was going to be a singer."