Candid Covers: Civil Twilight Sings Beck

Civil Twilight perform for Nikon's Candid Covers series.

When South African rock group Civil Twilight moved to L.A., one of their first gigs sent them into the desert to a military base. "That was the first time we listened to ( Beck's 'Sea Change') all the way through," vocalist Steven McKellar recalled. "That was the moment we fell in love with that song," he said of "The Golden Age," which the group performed for their Candid Covers session. Watch below.


Photos: Behind-the-Scenes at Candid Covers w/ Civil Twilight

As the group discussed the moment with "Golden Age" that changed the big picture for Civil Twilight, drummer Richard Wouters mused, "The emotion is just like raw emotion, and that song on that album, and the lyric of the "golden age" beginning. When we started playing music, that felt like the beginning of what we might call the golden age."

The 2002 Beck track is the perfect driving song, the band explained, recalling their time on the sunny desert roads.

Wouters added, "It was an interesting time because we'd come from South Africa with this kind of dream to come to America and play music. … ('Golden Age') captured that feeling of dreaming and moving into this new sort of space but still being attached to the old."

During their Candid Covers session with, Civil Twilight also performed an acoustic version of "It's Over," from their sophomore album, "Holy Weather," which dropped in March.

"It's a song that we wrote quite a while ago. It's one of those songs that you just can't get rid of," McKellar said. "You redo it and its stripped form is the best way to play it. It's definitely like a bit of Bruce Springsteen-inspired."

"It's kind of like a ballad. Emotional," added Wouters.

Civil Twilight will be touring through the fall, performing at festivals country, from Milwaukee to Austin. "We love playing live, we love touring." We're learning to play this album better and better live because it's quite a tricky album to play live," McKellar laughed. "A lot of stuff going on, but we're having a lot of fun doing it."

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