Candid Covers: Tristan Prettyman Sings 'Wonderwall' by Oasis

Tristan Prettyman covers "Wonderwall" by Oasis for Nikon's Candid Covers series, July 2012.See more: The Best of 2012: The Year in Music

When Tristan Prettyman was young, she says she was mesmerized by "Wonderwall" by Oasis, and she remembers watching the music video each day before school. Watch below as the Californian singer-songwriter covers the song that influenced the small moments of her childhood and the big picture in her musical journey.


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"I used to watch music videos in the morning before I went to school, and I could catch this music video and then I had three minutes to run across the street and make the bus," Prettyman laughed. "Every morning, I feel like I would have a moment where this song would come on and it mesmerized me every time. I've loved this song ever since and I've loved Oasis ever since."

Because she rarely does covers, she was really able to take the time to make "Wonderwall" her own, the singer explained. "I tried to kind of grab a little bit from Oasis' original version and also Ryan Adams' version, which is a little bit darker and a little more moody.

"I love that line in the chorus that says 'Maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me.' I've been in so many moments where I've thought that -- you like someone and they don't like you and you wish that they would just overnight wake up and save you and come to your rescue and change their mind."

Although Prettyman hasn't had much new music since she finished recording her sophomore studio album, "Hello," in 2007, she went on tour for two years before taking a break. But when it was time to return to music, she hit a few roadblocks.

"I kind of came back around and kind of started writing for this third record, and I had two polyps on my vocal chords," Prettyman said in her Candid Covers Q&A. "So I ended up having to get vocal surgery, and then right after that I got back together with an ex, got engaged, got unengaged, and then all of a sudden I had a whole lot of stuff to write about."

This month she's out on the road with Joshua Radin, doing a short tour throughout the U.S. Her new album, "Cedar + Gold," is expected in the fall. When she and producer Greg Wells were finished with the album, Prettyman said she "bawled" her eyes out. "I couldn't believe that I had this album and that all this stuff wasn't living inside of me anymore. I felt relieved and free, and now I'm ready to share it."


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