Watch Tegan & Sara Sing Cyndi Lauper: Candid Covers

Watch Tegan & Sara Sing Cyndi Lauper: Candid Covers

Watch Tegan & Sara Sing Cyndi Lauper: Candid Covers

The duo sings Lauper's "Time After Time" in this latest installment of the Women In Music-themed Candid Covers series.

Tegan & Sara are more known for indie rock than pop, yet they've been influenced over the years by Cyndi Lauper. Watch below as the Canadian sisters sing the '80s superstar's "Time After Time" and explain how the 1984 song changed the big picture in their musical careers.


"We were lifetime fans and she was always an influence," Tegan Quin told Billboard, recalling her first memory of Lauper in the "Goonies" movie. "We started out in a punk band and they said it was sort of a cross between Cyndi Lauper and the Minny Pops, and I remember thinking that was the best compliment we'd ever been given."



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The sisters admire Lauper, Sara said, because she "doesn't sound exactly like other pop stars. I think that she was able to transcend -- her voice is more characteristic of punk music. There's something sort of quirky or left-of-center about her delivery."


When they first started stripping down "Time After Time" for an acoustic version, Sara Quin explained, "it was too happy. With our voices it was like we were going too far away from her version." What makes Lauper's arrangement interesting, she continued, is that it sounds sad. And so, they "Tegan and Sara'd" the song, putting their own spin on the '80s smash.


During their Candid Covers session, Tegan & Sara also took time to perform one of their new songs, "Closer," from the duo's upcoming seventh studio album, "Heartthrob," due Jan. 29, 2013. The lead single from the new album, "Closer" was released in September with a music video that debuted last month. Watch Tegan & Sara's performance below.


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