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Emmi -- a London-based Aussie who recently got a major co-sign after Taylor Swift added "Sleep On It" to a list of "Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome" -- sets forth to produce heartfelt pop music.

Her most recent single, "60 Minutes," is a soft electro-pop love ballad that pulses with restrained energy. On this song, Emmi narrates unrequited love, the melancholy in waiting, and the unwilling revelation that the desperate last words of lovers will not make him stay ("I don’t want you to leave / I don’t want you to go / but if you've got someplace to be / I think you should go").

"'60 Minutes' tells the story of the final hour of a relationship," she explains. "The man has fallen out of love with the girl and he is leaving. She has a secret she is desperate to tell him but she selflessly chooses not to tell it in order to allow him his freedom. It’s about loving someone enough to let them go, no matter what that means for you."

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Billboard is premiering the video for "60 Minutes" below. The video, directed by Joe Connor, is shot in a bare house featuring multiple Emmi's in the various poses of love's languor.

"60 Minutes" is her third single, following "My Kinda Swag" and the Taylor Swift-approved "Sleep On It." No news yet on an official debut from the budding pop singer and songwriter.