Blessed Are the Barely Clothed for Kirk Franklin's Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Kirk Franklin
Courtesy of NPR

Kirk Franklin's NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert on Feb. 25, 2021.

Kirk Franklin spread the message of "hope and light" through gospel music with his uplifting Tiny Desk (Home) Concert on Thursday (Feb. 25) to those sitting at home in their underwear.

"I know you're at home right now, sitting in your drawers, listening to some Jesus music. It's OK. Jesus loves you in your drawers! Those are your drawers! He blessed you with 'em drawers!" Franklin exclaimed following his joyful performance of "Love Theory" with his band and choir, who were congregated around him in his state-of-the-art Uncle Jessie's Kitchen studio in Arlington, Texas.

While the iconic black-and-white framed photo on the wall, featuring Black men holding "I AM A MAN" protest signs during the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike, symbolized Black strife in the U.S., Franklin's performance served as a timely reminder of the steadfast spirit of Black people during Black History Month.

The 16-time Grammy-winning gospel singer took a moment to recognize that he stood on the shoulders of giants within the genre, name-checking Thomas A. Dorsey, James Cleveland, Andraé Crouch, Walter Hawkins and Quincy Jones.

And for those viewers who "still haven't put on any clothes yet," Franklin enriched them with his 1993 song "Silver and Gold" from his debut live album Kirk Franklin and the Family and showered them with "Melodies From Heaven" from his 1996 album Whatcha Lookin' 4.

Watch his entire Tiny Desk (Home) Concert below.