Colton Dixon Inspires Fans Going Through 'Season of Unknown' During Pandemic on Billboard Live At-Home

Colton Dixon
Jimmy Fontaine

Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon didn't know if he would be able to host a Billboard Live At-Home performance Tuesday (July 28) in support of the American Red Cross, because his wife Annie is expecting twin girls "any day now."

"I'm actually really glad that I was able to be here with you all, because if we were at the hospital, it wouldn't have worked out," the American Idol alum said. "Be praying for us -- it's going to be awesome. Can't wait to meet them."

But Dixon delivers the same kind of good vibes (not to be confused with "vibage," which is what he adds to his music by warping his voice with auto-tune) to his fans. The final song of his set "Miracles," which comes off his self-titled EP he released in May, was "inspired out of a personal season of unknown" that he finds currently relatable with the COVID-19 pandemic when people are "not knowing if we have a job or what the future looks like."

"I just hope that we take the opportunity, while we're all here, to look around us and to thank God for all the blessings that we do have," he encouraged before dedicating the performance to renowned songwriter Busbee, who died last September. "Got to write it with one of the legends, his name is Busbee. Busbee is now looking down on us, he's probably going to be singing it with us."

Watch Dixon's whole Billboard Live At-Home performance below, and donate to the American Red Cross here.