Born in the U.S.A.: The Top 50 Artists by State

From Billy Joel's New York state of mind to the Beach Boys being synonymous with sunny California, each state has given us some amazing music.

A clever entry on the website "Thinking Pseudogeographically," entitled "50 States, 50 Television Shows," considered which TV shows are most synonymous with each state. Cheers, for instance represented Massachusetts; Seinfeld, New York; and, The Dukes of Hazzard, Georgia.

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The feature itself borrowed from an earlier Huffington Post spotlight on movies associated with each state, entitled "The United States of Movies." The Wizard of Oz embodied Kansas; My Cousin Vinny, Alabama; and, of course, Fargo, North Dakota.

For July 4th, Chart Beat again spins off the fun premise by assigning 50 musical artists to 50 states . (In most cases, the representative artist was born in his or her chosen state. In a few others, or in the case of groups, states were picked based on the states in which acts spent their formative years.)


Please note that all selections are not based on strict Billboard chart methodology, but merely opinion, although chart history was strongly considered. Thus, please feel free to agree or disagree with choices in the comments section below. Or, e-mail (Better, though, to save your real arguments for who gets the last hot dog, hamburger or steak at the barbecue ...)

Have a happy and safe Fourth and enjoy our appreciation of musical acts born in the U.S.A., state by state.