Wilson Phillips: 'Still Holding On' With New Album, TV Show (Exclusive Video)

Wilson Phillips: 'Still Holding On' With New Album, TV Show (Exclusive Video)

Wilson Phillips: 'Still Holding On' With New Album, TV Show (Exclusive Video)

The trio returns with a new album and its own reality show, 22 years after topping the Hot 100 with 'Hold On,' its first of three No. 1 hits.

"Wow, we've had a really great year. And, another great year to come," Carnie Wilson beamed to the crowd of faithful Wilson Phillips fans that turned out for the group's in-store performance yesterday (April 5) at Loehmann's in New York City.

The threesome - Carnie, sister Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips - released its fifth album, "Dedicated," Tuesday (3). The set sports covers of classics by the Beach Boys and the Mamas & the Papas. The Wilsons' father Brian crafted many of the Beach Boys iconic hits, while Phillips' parents John and Michelle contributed to the likewise beloved Mamas & the Papas songbook.

The affable vocal trio sat down with Billboard before singing and signing autographs to discuss the tribute album, its new reality show, "Still Holding On," and its historic chart-topping discography on the Billboard Hot 100.

Wilson Phillips on its new album,"Dedicated," which Carnie Wilson's husband, Ron Bonfiglio, produced, as well as its recent cameo in the film "Bridesmaids." While chatting, the group launched into an impromptu harmony-infused snippet of "California Dreamin'."

The trio also discussed its new reality show, "Still Holding On," which premieres Sunday night (8) at 9 on the TV Guide Network.

Before heading to the Loehmann's stage, Wilson Phillips reflected on its Hot 100 domination, when its 1990 self-titled debut album produced three No. 1s: "Hold On" (the year's No. 1 song), "Release Me" and "You're in Love." The act - which revealed its first album of all new material since 1992 to be in the works - is the only group (of at least three members) to notch three No. 1 hits from a debut album in the Hot 100's history.