Madonna Fans Rejoice: New Album Due in Spring 2012
Madonna Fans Rejoice: New Album Due in Spring 2012

More reader views on Madge, plus a tribute to Dick Clark, whose 'American Bandstand' helped launch her career.

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Hi Gary,

As for the recent "Ask Billboard" thread about No. 2 Hot 100 hits that feel big enough to have been No. 1s, you could not turn on the radio in 1979 without hearing the Village People's "YMCA." It was everywhere - wedding receptions, gyms, anniversary parties, dance clubs, moving down every street courtesy of boom boxes. But, surprise, surprise! It never made it to No. 1, stopping at No. 2 that February.

It's still popular. You can hear it on almost any time everyone wants to have a good time.

Mike "The Bear" Dittmer

Hi Gary,

I was just reading through the "Ask Billboard" section and came across the question from Reggie Thomas about No. 2-peaking songs. Another to add to the list is Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance."

With the huge success it had (and digital sales of more than 5 million), everybody is bound to think this song went to No. 1 (like it should have)!

Dylan Gospel
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Dear Gary,

I am a chart video producer over at YouTube. Recently I've begun sharing my own discoveries in music through personal chart videos. (