David Guetta Has Longest-Charting Dance Hit Since Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

David Guetta Has Longest-Charting Dance Hit Since Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

David Guetta at last year's EDC in Las Vegas.

Guetta's 'Titanium,' featuring Sia, moves toward Jackson's album 'Thriller' in the Dance/Club Play Songs chart's history.

In its 28th week on Billboard's Dance/Club Play Songs chart, David Guetta's "Titanium," featuring Sia, passes Darude's "Sandstorm" (27 weeks over two chart runs in 2000-02) to become the ranking's longest-running title in nearly 29 years.

The last title to spend more time on the tally? Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album (yes, album; we'll explain), which completed a 36-week run in August 1983.

The Dance/Club Play Songs chart ranks the week's most popular songs played in dance clubs, compiled from reports by a national sample of club DJs.

The long chart run of "Titanium" was initially fueled by early DJ support, before it became an official single. It debuted at No. 42 on the Dec. 17, 2011, chart and percolated on the list until mid-April, when Capitol Records began its proper promotion. It climbed all the way to No. 3 the week of May 26.

While the Dance/Club Play Songs chart now ranks individual songs, that wasn't always the case. Prior to Feb. 23, 1991, bundles of songs - or even entire albums - could chart as singular entries. "Thriller" wasn't the only full album to chart. Others include Madonna's first remix album "You Can Dance" and Donna Summer's "The Wanderer," for example.

The chart's depth has also fluctuated through the years. It was initially a 30-position chart when it launched as a national survey the week of Aug. 28, 1976, before expanding to a whopping 100 titles between 1979 and 1981. Since March 16, 1985, the chart has been 50 positions deep. Its name has also changed; "National Disco Action" just wouldn't be as accurate now, would it?

As "Titanium" marks a chart milestone, here's a look at the longest-charting titles all-time on the Dance/Club Play Songs chart (1976-2012):

Weeks, Title, Artist
46, "Feels Like I'm in Love"/"Loving Just for Fun," Kelly Marie
45, "The Hills of Katmandu," Tantra
42, "Your Love"/"You're My Magician," Lime
42, "Keep Smilin' "/"It's Not What You Got (It's How You Use It)"/"Career Girl," Carrie Lucas
40, "Don't You Want Me," the Human League
39, "A Lover's Holiday"/"The Glow of Love"/"Searching," Change
38, "You're Too Late," Fantasy
38, "I Hear Music in the Streets"/"In the Middle," Unlimited Touch
37, "Lovely One"/"Can You Feel It"/"Walk Right Now," the Jacksons
36, "Thriller" (all cuts), Michael Jackson

… and here are the longest stays since Dance/Club Play Songs became a 50-position chart the week of March 16, 1985:

Weeks, Title, Artist
28, "Titanium," David Guetta featuring Sia*
27, "Sandstorm," Darude**
26, "Feel the Beat," Darude**
26, "I Need Someone," Ralph Falcon
26, "The Creeps," Camille Jones**
25, "Tell It to My Heart," Taylor Dayne**
24, "Relax, Take It Easy," Mika**
24, "Wannabe," Spice Girls**
23, "I Try," Made by Monkeys featuring Maria Matto**
22, "Rhythm Is a Dancer," Snap**

* Currently charting
** Total over two separate chart runs