Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs Ever
Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs Ever

5. "Goldfinger"
Shirley Bassey
Hot 100 Peak: 8 Peak Year: 1965
from the Bond film "Goldfinger"

Bassey, who later used her melancholy contralto to great effect on "Diamonds Are Forever" (as seen above), first really showed off her prowess singing a Bond theme with this classic, complete with famously blaring horns complimenting the over-enunciated refrain of "Goooldfingah!"


4. "For Your Eyes Only"
Sheena Easton
Hot 100 Peak: 4 Peak Year: 1981
from the Bond film "For Your Eyes Only"

Sheena Easton's 1981 title song -- a tender contemporary ballad that didn't exactly scream typical Bond theme -- climbed all the way into the top five of the Hot 100.


3. "Live And Let Die"
Paul McCartney & Wings
Hot 100 Peak: 2 Peak Year: 1973
from the Bond film "Live And Let Die"

This epic 1971 blast -- which kicks off with Paul McCartney behind the keys before exploding into a pounding guitar-piano rocker -- is arguably the most famous 007 theme song. Bond sung by a Beatle: what's not to like?


2. "Nobody Does It Better"
Carly Simon
Hot 100 Peak: 2 Peak Year: 1977
from the Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Recipe for a No. 2 hit in 1977? Have key '70s singer/songwriter Carly Simon belt out a Marvin Hamlisch-composed power ballad for a Bond film from smack dab in the Roger Moore years.


1. "A View To A Kill"
Duran Duran
Hot 100 Peak: 1 Peak Year: 1985
from the Bond film "A View To A Kill"

"Le Bon, Simon Le Bon," the Duran Duran frontman jokes at the end of the video for group's angular '80s pop-tinged 007 title tune. Turns out he could afford to compare himself to the superspy. The suave British ladykiller of the film was served well by the suave British ladykillers of the song: "A View To A Kill" is the only Bond theme ever to hit No. 1 on the Hot 100.

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