AEG Presents Forms Climate Positive Touring Group

AEG Presents
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AEG Presents

AEG Presents is forming Climate Positive Touring, a team of music industry professionals dedicated to moving the live business towards a greener future.

CPT is comprised of staffers who work across various AEG Presents divisions, including Concerts West, Global Touring, International Touring, Marshall Arts, Messina Touring Group, and Global Partnerships.

The group is focused on reducing tour related carbon emissions to net zero or better, supporting locally led environmental operations and encouraging artists, fans, crews, and employees to actively participate in dialogue about the many benefits of climate awareness, responsibility, and collective action.

"AEG Presents has the ability and structure to really make a global impact in moving our entire business – which has had a traditionally significant carbon footprint – toward a zero emissions future," says Jay Marciano, chairman and chief executive at AEG Presents and chief operating officer of the office of the chairman for AEG. "The company’s reach enables us to execute at every level of the live experience: from clubs and theatres to arenas, global tours, and festivals. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Climate Positive Touring group begins to implement their plans as the business starts to reopen this year."

Co-leading Climate Positive Touring is AEG Presents' Amy Morrison, who adds, "With light at the end of the tunnel, we feel it’s the right time to announce CPT and our short- and long-term strategies. We've been working on this since the earliest days of the shutdown. Now that live music is coming back, we can put our goals into action. As promoters, we will literally put our message on the road, modeling achievable sustainability, with the power of music in our sails."

CPT has created and deployed two major initiatives — a Venue Environmental Survey and the Green Touring Guide. The survey will gather reliable data that will allow venues, artists and CPT to work together to identify sustainability priorities and solutions. The CPT Green Touring Guide is being developed to lead through example and innovation, and to provide guidance and insights promoters can utilize in the hopes of showing both venues and artists a path forward to net zero or better carbon emissions.

The first installment of the Guide, named "The Starting Seven." is a compendium of seven actions promoters can take to start to make a positive environmental impact.

In collaboration with AEG 1Earth, AEG’s corporate sustainability program, Morrison will co-lead CPT with Nicole Neal and team members Jon Baden, Amy Buck, Caroline Burruss, Kelly DiStefano, Kate Lewis, Mike Luba, Ben Martin, Alexandra McArthur, Kate McMahon, David Rappaport and Connie Shao.