Jason Kupperman Launches Goldengate Talent Agency

Goldengate Talent Agency
Courtesy of Goldengate Talent Agency

Former Paradigm agent opens shop in New York with a 15-client roster, including Anomalie, Big Gigantic and more.

Former Paradigm agent Jason Kupperman was very particular on how he wanted to launch Goldengate Agency, and a press release wasn't going to cut it. He wanted to create something tangible, something that could be mailed to new contacts, old friends and members of the media.

He put together a package including two items -- the first was a Goldengate Agency T-shirt, printed on a relaxed, poly-blend fabric. With it he included a note written on thick golden paper stock that said the most about what Kupperman was trying to convey to the music world with his new endeavor.

"This agency is able to exist because of you, your support, and our relationship," he wrote. "From sold out shows and big festival stages, through stressful business matters to fun times and laughs, you have been a part of my journey and for that I need to say: THANK YOU."

A New Jersey native and Binghamton University graduate, Kupperman got his start at Monterey Peninsula Artists in 2006 as the company's first ever ticket count administrator, calling venues and festivals for updated ticket counts on artists represented by Paradigm. The job had him working with well known agents like Duffy McSwiggin, Dan Weiner and the late Chip Hooper.

"The best part about Monterey is just the caliber of human beings that work there," Kupperman says.

After spending four years in the Central Coast office, Kupperman was promoted to agent and moved back across country to work in Paradigm's New York office. Now married and the father of a 13-year-old and a nine-year-old, Kupperman signed his first two clients -- Big Gigantic and Andy Grammer -- while working as an agent in the East Coast office and went on to spend 11 years at Paradigm before exiting the company last year.

Goldengate's 15-act roster now includes Anomalie, Big Gigantic, Badfish, Oak & Ash, the Floozies, Dennis Lloyd and Sunsquabi.

Kupperman says he planned to start his own agency long before the pandemic, telling Billboard, "I wanted to build a home for my artists where they feel like they're part of a family and you everyone's in it together. I want my agency to be a home for bands who want to build long careers."

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