Here's How You Can Support Your Favorite Artists Amid Coronavirus-Related Concert Cancellations

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for ABA

Ciara performs onstage at The Wiltern on Sept. 17, 2019 in Los Angeles.

The coronavirus pandemic has halted some of your favorite acts from performing live, causing them to suffer an economic blow because of touring's impact on their income. But ticket sales aren't the only vital purchase fans can make to support them.

Artists have banded together on social media to share different ways music lovers can still support their favorite acts, especially the smaller ones. DJ/producer Dani Deahl broke it down on Twitter on how indie artists might hurt the most.

"Cancelled festivals and shows bc of Coronavirus will be big financial losses for indie artists this year," she tweeted last week. "Please consider buying a piece of merch to support your favorite indie act(s) and help art thrive."

But UK artist Jamie Freeman doesn't think it stops at merchandise. "Buy merch, pay for a download, GO TO THE SHOW if it’s not cancelled. But wash your hands and don’t ask for a hug," he tweeted Wednesday (March 11).

Unfortunately for Shura, who updated her fans via Twitter on Tuesday that her team is still working on her website, her merch won't be available for purchase. But the English singer-songwriter still encouraged her followers to buy other musicians' merch and records to soften the blow from all of the show cancellations continuously occuring.

Tim Quirk, singer for the 1980s alt-rock band Too Much Joy and its present-day associated act Wonderlick, echoed Shura's message specifically for those who were going to attend the canceled SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. "Figure out how much you would have spent on meals, drinks, cabs and hotels, and use it to buy records or other merch from the bands that were going to play there," he tweeted last Friday. "I mean, seriously, spend ALL of it. It will give you lots of new stuff to listen to if/when you have to self-quarantine."