Walk The Moon, Santigold & More Plan Free LA Concert to Protest Banks' Role in Rainforest Destruction

Walk the Moon
Anna Lee

Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon, Santigold and Nanko will perform at a free, public concert on Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles to protest the role big banks are playing in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

The event is part of a new year-long campaign called Amazon UpRising by activist digital bank Good Money that urges consumers to pay attention to what their money is supporting, kicking off with the “Party For a Purpose.”

"When smoke from 90,000 wildfires in the Amazon turned day to night in Sao Paulo earlier this year, people across the globe demanded action, but most of us are not aware that Big Banks, using our deposits, are the silent drivers of rainforest destruction," said Good Money founder and CEO Gunnar Lovelace in a release. "Until we fix the financial industry, climate emergencies like the destruction of the rainforests will continue to accelerate. Amazon Uprising is just the beginning of our journey to reshape the financial system for Good."

The Saturday event will begin at 1:30 p.m. PST with a march past five major banks and a 2 p.m. scheduled dance flash mob at the intersection of 6th and Figueroa streets. The march will conclude at 3 p.m. with a free concert following, as well as participation from Indigenous leaders and youth activists.

Good Money’s Amazon UpRising campaign will educate consumers and empower them to act with a variety of online and offline activations about the banking industry’s impact on rainforest destruction.

Good Money will provide a variety of online and offline ways for participants to take action and demand that big banks divest from rainforest destruction. Good Money will also make donations to Rainforest Trust and Sacred Headwaters to fund rainforest conservation. In addition, for every Amazon UpRising participant that shares news of the event or attends the event, Good Money will make a small donation to the Rainforest Trust.