Zara Larsson Bringing 'Poster Girl' Launch Party to Roblox

Zara Larsson
Jordan Rossi

Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson is the latest artist set to perform virtually inside gaming platform Roblox, where the Swedish pop singer will celebrate the expanded edition of her March album Poster Girl this weekend.

In partnership with TEN Music Group and Epic Records, the performance and launch party is set in an elaborate, virtual Swedish lake house roamed by virtual pigs (Larsson's favorite animal). Larsson will perform the album title track as well as hits like "Lush Life," "FFF" and "Never Forget You" and take part in an exclusive Q&A.

The first performance on Friday, May 21 at 7 p.m. EST marks the availability that day of Poster Girl: Summer Edition, which includes new tracks and remixes, and will be followed by three encore sets over the weekend.

"I was thinking about the future -- what will make a really good concert. I like to write songs, but I’m a performer first and a writer second," Larsson said in a statement. "This album will be fantastic when played live, and I’m really excited to be able to play a select list of songs to the whole world for the first time inside Roblox."

Fan players will also be able to engage in mini games at the party and purchase exclusive virtual merchandise including emotes, an avatar bundle and items for their avatars like sunglasses, a flower crown, Larsson-branded sunglasses and more. There will also be one free virtual item that all attendees can pick up.

Larsson "Has created a magical pink wonderland that you have to see to believe," said Roblox vice president and global head of music Jon Vlassopulos. "Roblox Launch Parties continue to be the best way for artists to reach millions of fans over a weekend, connecting them and their music in unparalleled fun, interactive, and immersive ways."

Over the past two years, in-game music performances have emerged as a new and innovative method for artists to connect with a limitless audience and sell virtual merchandise in the process. That market is huge: Global gamers spent around $50 billion on these types of in-game items in 2020, according to MIDiA Research.

While Fortnite led the way with performances from artists like Larsson's Epic labelmate Travis Scott last summer and Marshmello in 2019, Roblox has recently become a popular choice as well. On Roblox, which is free to play and has 42.1 million daily active users, a community of more than 8 million creators develop their own games. Over the past year, the list of artists who have performed in Roblox includes Ava Max, Royal Blood, Why Don't We and Lil Nas X, whose set of four performances in November -- where he debuted single "Holiday" -- drew a total of more than 33 million visits.

"During the past year we’ve worked to create new and innovative ways to connect artists with their fans," said Epic CEO Sylvia Rhone. "Bringing Zara to Roblox to perform and interact with the Roblox community is an incredible match and we know her fans will love the performances this weekend."

Check out the showtimes below, and learn more about how to attend here.

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