MelodyVR Announces New App For Future Oculus Device

Courtesy Photo

MelodyVR, a subsidiary of EVR Holdings, announced a new version of their app made for an upcoming Oculus device on Wednesday (Jan. 23). As part of the distribution agreement between MelodyVR Limited and Oculus parent comany Facebook Technologies, EVR Holdings will receive a financial contribution to offset MelodyVR's production and development costs.

"As VR technology continues to rapidly develop, we’re excited to add new features and functionality to the MelodyVR platform and for Oculus to release new hardware, which will no-doubt lead to increased user adoption of VR devices. We look forward to working with Oculus throughout 2019 and appreciate their partnership and support to-date," said Anthony Matchett, EVR Holdings CEO in a statement.

The new version will include updated features and functionality as well as new and existing content. The product may be made available on other platforms after its launch. While MelodyVR does not specify which upcoming Oculus device the new app is for, all signs point to the Oculus Quest, due to arrive this Spring.