Apple Music Will Now Rank the Top Tracks in 100 Cities Around the World

Courtesy of Apple

The streaming service is also launching record label pages.

Apple Music is introducing city charts for over 100 cities around the world, along with a series of updates that arrive with iOS 14.5, the latest update for Apple’s iPhone operating system.

The new city charts will rank music based on plays and “additional signs of local popularity” to gauge the top 25 songs in each locale every day.

Apple Music is also introducing record label searches and pages -- which will allow users to find and track releases from specific labels -- and a new lyric sharing feature that allows users to share specific snippets from songs through iMessage, Facebook, and Instagram Stories.

Courtesy of Apple

The city charts are the latest addition to Apple’s expanding list of location-based charts. In recent years, Apple has added country-specific charts for 116 nations -- called Daily Top 100, which Apple says has become one of the most streamed playlist categories since it was introduced in 2018 -- and its subsidiary Shazam maintains its own discovery charts for cities, countries, and genres.

Apple Music has also launched motion for artist detail pages, allowing artists to use their pages similar to how many acts have used moving album artwork over the past few years. The streaming service has made it easier to find personal mixes and playlists with a new Made For You shortcut in the library section of the app as well, which will house its replay playlists and customized mixes.

The full list of city charts is below:

Accra, Ghana; Nairobi, Kenya; Lagos, Nigeria; Cape Town, South Africa; Durban, South Africa; and Johannesburg, South Africa

Brisbane, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Guangzhou, China; Shanghai, China; Bengaluru, India; Delhi, India;  Jakarta, Indonesia; Fukuoka, Japan; Nagoya, Japan; Osaka, Japan; Sapporo, Japan; Sendai, Japan; Tokyo, Japan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Auckland, New Zealand; Manila, Philippines; Busan, South Korea; Seoul, South Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; and Bangkok, Thailand

Europe, Russia, and Central Asia
Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Copenhagen, Denmark; Lyon, France; Marseille, France; Paris, France; Bordeaux, France; Berlin, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Munich, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Dublin, Ireland; Milan, Italy; Naples, Italy; Rome, Italy; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Warsaw, Poland; Moscow, Russia; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Barcelona, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Zürich, Switzerland; Kiev, Ukraine; Birmingham, United Kingdom; Glasgow, United Kingdom; Liverpool, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; and Manchester, United Kingdom

Latin America and the Caribbean
Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; São Paulo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Bogotá, Colombia; Medellin, Colombia; San José, Costa Rica; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Guadalajara, Mexico; Mexico City; Monterrey, Mexico; and Lima, Peru

Courtesy of Apple

Middle East
Tel Aviv, Israel; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Istanbul, Turkey; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

United States and Canada
Calgary, Canada; Edmonton, Canada; Montréal, Canada; Ottawa, Canada; Québec City, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Winnipeg, Canada; Atlanta, United States; Austin, United States; Chicago, United States; Dallas, United States; Denver, United States; Detroit, United States; Honolulu, United States; Houston, United States; Los Angeles, United States; Miami, United States; Nashville, United States; New York City, United States; Philadelphia, United States; Phoenix, United States; San Diego, United States; San Francisco, United States; Seattle, United States; Washington, D.C. United States; and San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States.