TIDAL Unveils New Personalized 'My Mix' Playlists, Radio Updates & 99 Cents Holiday Pricing

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TIDAL announced a number of new features and promotions this week, including personalized My Mix playlists, a reprioritized radio function and 99 cents-introductory subscription plans.

The personalized My Mix playlists use a proprietary algorithm that combines data from users’ listening habits and input from TIDAL’s  human-curated playlists to create the personalized mixes. The playlists will include a selection of new and old music based on users' listening history, developing up to six personalized 50-song mixes following an initial learning period.

The playlists are separated based on artists and genres and updated on a regular basis -- daily for the most active listeners. The more subscribers interact with their My Mix playlists, the better the results will be. Different iterations of the mixes can be saved and played offline on-demand.

"The combination of best-in-class human curation and top of the line AI technology will allow members to get more of the music they love," said Lior Tibon, TIDAL's chief operating officer, in a statement. "With over 60 million tracks available on TIDAL, we know discovery can be challenging. This new feature is part of our continued efforts to create the best possible experience for members."

The streaming service has also reprioritized its radio function, which creates 100-song playlists off of artist or song selections using a newly improved algorithm.

As well, for the holidays, TIDAL is bringing back its promotional 99 cents three-month subscription offer (normally $19.98) for new customers who register before Jan. 2, 2019. Those looking for the hi-fi accounts can get three months at $1.99 (normally $39.98). After the holiday offer, members will be able to continue their subscriptions at $9.99 monthly for premium and $19.99 monthly for HiFi.