Spotify Delivers Artists 2018 'Wrapped' Year-End Insights

The annual offering gifts musicians and their teams fun data points for their 2018 listener trends.

Spotify for Artists announced that launch of its annual Artist Wrapped campaign on Thursday (Dec. 6), giving musicians and their teams insight into their success on the platform over the past year. As with past years, artists are provided with a custom micro-site showing a snapshot of listener data -- total streams, number of fans, listening hours, countries reached and more.

The news coincide with the launch of Spotify's annual Wrapped campaign for listeners, which offers listeners similar insight into their 2018 listening trends.

Musicians and their teams can access and share their Wrapped pages via their Spotify for Artists accounts. Most artists now claiming their Spotify for Artists profile for the first time will still have a Wrapped page waiting for them, so long as they had at least three listeners on Spotify before Oct. 31. They can access their accounts at

“Since launching initially as a streaming analytics tool, Spotify for Artists has evolved into a powerful resource for artists and their teams to manage their profiles, understand fans, submit tracks to Spotify playlists, upload music, and more,” said Charlie Hellman, Spotify's head of creator marketplace, in a statement. “Over the past year, we’ve seen artists and teams connect with their fans through Spotify in powerful ways and our second annual ‘Artist Wrapped’ celebrates that. We hope it's fun for artists to see how they reached new milestones, delighted their super fans, and got discovered by new listeners all around the world. And we know fans love celebrating artists’ achievements with them.”

Artists digging into their "Wrapped" data will see their most popular songs by month; total hours of listening, contextualized into number of years; year-over-year gains in listening, fans, playlist adds, followers and more; total listeners, contextualized by populations of local cities; number of most devoted fans, for whom the artist was their top artist of the year; total followers, contextualized by the length of a line they would create if they all lined up for a single concert; number of countries and cities the artist was listened to in; and the previously mentioned snapshot stats for easy sharing. As well, for the first time ever, the microsites will be available in 23 different languages. 

Spotify for Artists offers musicians and their teams year-round data insights designed to help them better understand their audiences. The service offers various tools to help build a following, manage an act's identity, submit music for playlist consideration and -- most recently -- directly upload music.

Courtesy of Spotify