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Columbia's Jam Jr. Launches New Girl Group: Run The World

Run the World
Courtesy of Columbia Records

Run the World

The group formed in collaboration with tween retailer and Jam. Jr partner Justice.

Last year, Columbia Records launched its kid-focused brand Jam Jr., made up of social media influencer-artists between the ages of 11-19 all of whom are signed to the label as exclusive recording artists.

The artists primarily record covers of top 40 hits -- though plans for original material are in the works -- and since its formation Jam Jr. has released an EP and a Christmas album and its YouTube channel has over 17 million total video views.

Now, on Thursday (June 18), the brand announced its newest development: a girl group called Run The World. Launched in partnership with retailer Justice (with which Jam Jr. signee Jessalyn Grace has her own collaborative collection), the group aims to be the first of its kind made up of tween influencers. The quartet consists of Grace, Corinne Joy, Hayley LeBlanc and Kheris Rogers. Run The World's first single, "Rainbow" will arrive on June 26, with an album of reimagined hit songs and originals to follow.

“We’ve dreamt of being in a girl group growing up, now that we’re in one it is honestly so surreal," the band said in a joint statement. "As a girl group, we hope to empower other girls to “run their world” and be their best selves. By using our voices, we hope our fun, energetic and uplifting sound will inspire and instill confidences in others."

Though the group's collaboration with Justice, Run The World will release a joint clothing collection that will launch in mid-July. Prior, on June 27, the group will join Girl Scouts troops (another Jam Jr. partner) to celebrate their end-of-year accomplishments.

As Ryan Ruden, Columbia's senior vp experiential marketing and business development who first pitched Jam Jr., told Billboard last month: "If we start creating original music and [intellectual property] that is our own, then it really gets compelling on the business side."

Watch a behind-the-scenes clip from Run The World below.