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Marc Geiger's SaveLive Hires Nadia Prescher With Madison House, NITO

Nadia Prescher
Amelia Stein

Nadia Prescher

Madison House co-founder and president Nadia Prescher is joining SaveLive, the company created by former WME co-head of music Marc Geiger after he left WME parent company Endeavor last year.

Geiger hasn't said much publicly about SaveLive since first debuting the idea to buy distressed indie venues, backed by a $75 million fund, in a New York Times article last October. Prescher will run SaveLive's music division, Billboard has learned, with more details to be released in the coming weeks and months.

Prescher will join SaveLive on July 1 and shift to a board member partner position at Madison House.

"I’m joining Marc to build out his vision of the SaveLive network to support independent music venues," Prescher tells Billboard. "Over the last 25 years as an agent, I’ve worked closely with the independent community, and more so since the pandemic with the National Independent Talent Organization. Marc and I agree indie venues should have a safe guarded opportunity to grow their businesses."

Prescher, who is a co-founder and vp of the National Independent Talent Organization (NITO), added, "We believe indies should have the options of a national network, without having to give up or alter their unique local brand or independent spirit. Our backgrounds will make sure the plan is very agent-friendly and artist-friendly, working across all genres."

On a personal note, Prescher said that "like many people, I have admired and respected Marc for a long time. An opportunity to work with someone who has made such a significant impact on our industry would already be an attractive opportunity. But the ability to pair that with working with my long-term industry promoter friends, and a bunch of different independent venues, in the business I love, was too good to pass up. I’m incredibly excited and inspired. I will be in touch about the SaveLive launch.”