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Nevarez Communications Makes New Hirings to Marketing & Publicity Leadership Team

Nevarez Communications
Courtesy of Nevarez Communications

Nevarez Communications, the award-winning multicultural full-service public relations firm based in Miami, announced Pierina Jatem and Michelle Velez's appointments to its marketing and publicity leadership team on Wednesday (March 11).

Jatem, who’s the former digital marketing director for Seitrack US, has been appointed director of marketing and publicity. In her new role, she will develop unique marketing strategies for the company’s roster and execute media campaigns to help clients expand their brands into household names. She will also deepen relationships with media, influencers, and industry executives. In addition, she will use her digital marketing know-how to incorporate savvy social media techniques into campaigns.

Velez, who has been with Nevarez Communications since 2018, has been promoted to senior director of marketing and publicity. She will continue to oversee the integrated marketing, partnerships, PR and digital efforts for the firm’s roster of clients. Velez, who plays a key role in the expansion of the company and cement its leadership within the multicultural markets, previously worked at Universal Music’s Latin division and Sony Music Latin’s International division.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pierina Jatem to our leadership team,” Mayna Nevarez, CEO and founder of Nevarez Communications, said in a statement. “Her extensive experience in digital marketing will help our music clients to expand their brand and fan bases across music platforms and will also work to increase our corporate clients’ online presence.”

Of Velez, Nevares stated: “Michelle is a passionate professional who has been an integral part of our team since day one. She will lead our Marketing and Publicity Division and will continue to provide her expertise to further advance our clients’ goals and objectives.”

The new appointments highlight the agency’s focus on leveraging its digital capabilities to broaden the reach of its clientele and strengthen business partnerships.

Courtesy of Nevarez Communications
Pierina Jatem
Courtesy of Nevarez Communications
Michelle Velez

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