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Spotify Testing Sponsored Version of 'Brand New Music for You' Recommendation Feature

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Courtesy of Spotify


The new tool will allow artists and their teams to market new album releases directly to their users.

Spotify is going to begin letting artists tap into one of its key recommendation features, the company announced in a blog post Thursday (Oct. 24).

Currently in the testing phase, the feature will allow artist teams to sponsor the streaming service’s full-screen “Brand New Music for You” recommendations on the Spotify mobile app, giving them the ability to notify both Free and Premium users of their latest releases. These sponsored recommendations, which are currently being offered to select artists and labels and will be priced on a cost-to-click basis, will continue to be informed by a user’s music tastes, meaning they'll only hear from artists they frequently listen to or follow.

“Part of our marketplace mission is to create tools that bring artists and fans closer together,” said Spotify vp creator Beck Kloss. “With our unique understanding of listener preferences and ability to deliver personalized recommendations, we can help artists reach the fans that care most about their music, driving value for both artists and fans. We view this as the next iteration of the popular recommendation and discovery features listeners already love on Spotify.”

Built by Spotify's marketplace team, the sponsored recommendations are currently available only for album releases. Premium users will have the ability to opt out if they choose.

"As an independent distributor, it’s essential for us to spend our marketing budgets wisely and find creative strategies to develop our artists’ audiences,” added Jordyn Reese, product manager, U.S. Latin & urban at digital distribution service ONErpm. “It’s really exciting to see Spotify is creating tools that are designed from the ground up with music marketing in mind, and giving indies more power to reach their fans with new music. This will absolutely be one of the top tools in our growth arsenal."

Courtesy of Spotify