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Here's the State of the Hot 100's Top 10 at Mid-Year 2020, Per Hit Songs Deconstructed

Drake, "Toosie Slide"
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Drake, "Toosie Slide"

A look at the latest trends in the chart's top 10.

After a strong showing in the first quarter of 2020 on the Billboard Hot 100, pop ceded the spotlight to hip-hop in the second quarter of the year.

The turnover between the genres marks a notable insight in the latest research from Hit Songs Deconstructed, which provides compositional analytics for top 10 Hot 100 hits, via its 2020 mid-year State of the Hot 100 Top 10 report.

Here are three takeaways.

Hip-hop tops pop: To recap, in Q1 2020, 57% of all Hot 100 top 10s were primarily pop songs, including hits by Dua Lipa, Maroon 5 and Harry Styles. In the same span, hip-hop trailed with a 35% share of all top 10s.

In Q2 2020, the genres swapped spots, with hip-hop leading with a 48% share of all Hot 100 top 10s, ahead of pop's 30% take. Helping fuel hip-hop's ascent, 6ix9ine, Drake and Lil Baby each landed multiple top 10s in that span.

The quarterly fluctuations echo how the genres have traded leads the last two years. In all of 2019, pop topped hip-hop, 48% to 34%. Conversely, in 2018, a year dominated in historic fashion by Drake, hip-hop decisively finished ahead of pop, 61% to 21%.

Pen pals: Songwriting teams of five or more members continued to be the most common type for Hot 100 top 10s in Q2 2020, having claimed a 48% share. Teams of two and four writers tied for second place, at 17% each.

The haul for teams of five-plus writers is fairly consistent with, though down from, totals of 57% in Q1 2020 and 60% for all of 2019.

Single producers: Meanwhile, single producers are the norm for Hot 100 top 10s, with 43% of all top 10s in Q2 2020 sporting one producer credit each, followed by 30% for two producers and 22% for three producers.

The leading 43% share for lone producers matches the total in Q1 2020 and approximates the 41% figure for 2019.

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