Shawn Holley Makes Name Partner at Top Entertainment Law Firm

Shawn Holley
Chris H

Shawn Holley

Shawn Holley has long been a respected pillar of the legal community, and now her name is on the door of one of Hollywood’s top entertainment law firms.

The new Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump Holley moniker not only acknowledges Holley’s achievements but also continues honoring the legacy of the late Howard Weitzman, the firm’s co-founder who died in April.

Holley, who joined the firm as partner at its inception in 2006, is a rare hybrid of attorney who represents entertainment’s elite in both criminal and civil litigation matters.

Though discreet about her work and reluctant to discuss clients, during her time at the firm the she has advised an impressive roster including the Kardashian and Jenner families, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Tupac Shakur and Katt Williams. She’s also adding executive producer to her resume, with the Hulu series tentatively titled Reasonable Doubt that she’s producing with Kerry Washington and Larry Wilmore.

Her path to Hollywood law was winding and serendipitous. After five years as an L.A. County public defender, she was recruited in 1994 by the late Johnnie Cochran to work at his firm — and just a few months later found herself a member of O.J. Simpson’s defense team for the Trial of the Century. In an unexpected turn more than a decade later, she’d be recruited again, this time by fellow Simpson lawyer Weitzman.

“Shawn is an extraordinary person and a commanding presence in the courtroom and boardroom, Kinsella Weitzman managing partner Larry Iser said in a Tuesday statement unveiling the news. “She is one of the best attorneys in the country at what she does, and it is an honor (and lots of fun) to practice alongside her.”

Ahead of the announcement, the UCLA and Southwestern Law grad talked with The Hollywood Reporter about making the change to entertainment litigation, lessons she learned from mentors Cochran and Weitzman and how having a soft touch and not flinching in the face of adversity have helped her in her career. Click here to read the interview.